dnode: Object oriented RPC with Node.js

Node.js has dozen number of library for everything you need to do a network and web application programming. One of old-school style of network or distributed system program is the use of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) mechanism which provided capability for the client to transparently call a function or modify an object inside the server remotely.

There are many choices of RPC server or client (which also works in modern browser) library in Node.js. One which I would try here is called dnode. If you interested, you can try it by installing dnode package from npm via npm -g install dnode command (which will install dnode package globally on your system).

The example here is not-so-simple but has enough explanation for object oriented based RPC (which dealing with modifying some variable inside the server’s object).


var dnode = require('dnode');
var object = {
    a: 0,
    b: 0,
    incA: function(inp) {
        object.a += inp;
    incB: function(inp) {
        object.b += inp;
    getTotal: function(callback) {
        callback(object.a + object.b);
var server = dnode(object);



var dnode = require('dnode');

var d = dnode.connect(5000);
d.on('remote', function(remote) {
    remote.getTotal(function(result) {

Afterwards, we can run the server first by node dnode-rpc-server.js & once (and keep it alive), then run node dnode-rpc-client.js many times (to see if the value of A and B still persistent on server side).

$ node dnode-rpc-server.js &
[1] 25537
$ node dnode-rpc-client.js 
$ node dnode-rpc-client.js 
$ node dnode-rpc-client.js 

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