Cleaned up my old article

If you happen to open my blog regularly (nobody does, and if you do, you are creepy), you will notice that I have been remove all of my blog posts. One of the reason is that I want to “refresh” my blog after many years of inactivity. Another reason is that most of posts are quite irrelevant as it is written like two or three years ago, with few of them are quite controversial (like the RT Bluetooth kernel patch for Linux that 99% won’t work anymore) so I just don’t want to attract more controversy and mislead anyone.

Some news for you who interested: after I graduated from Big Data department in Korea in mid-2017, now I am one of Indonesian Civil Servant (Known in Indonesian as PNS) working at Indonesian National Civil Service Agency (Indonesian: Badan Kepegawaian Negara). Thus, many non-CS related post regarding public administration, personnel management, Indonesian law will be presented here.

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