Better e-government system integration through Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

According to the Wikipedia, an enterprise service bus (ESB) implements a communication system between mutually interacting software applications in a service-oriented architecture (SOA). In other words, it allows communication and data sharing among several heterogenous application and database platforms through a common protocol. In a company that each of its department has their own information system already implemented using heterogenous platforms, an ESB allows an integration among different systems to achieve better interoperability, workflow and data synchronization.

One particular use case where ESB implementation is suitable is in the Indonesian government. The unitary republic consists of several central government institutions (such as ministries, and agencies) and hundreds of local provincial and municipal governments, in which each of them has several branches and departments. One problem of e-government implementation in those institutions is that each department have already build their own information system for themselves sporadically for their own purpose without any intra-department and intra-institutional common ground. Each department or institutions might uses a common database but because of the lack of integration, it tends to be unsynchronized and potentially creating some problems when providing a public service.

To achieve better integration among e-government systems within Indonesian governmental institutions, the Ministry of Communication and Information releases a Governmental ESB (GSB) system dubbed as MANTRA. The goal of this application is to facilitate data exchange among governmental institutions from different heterogenous databases and applications. It provides a common web API for a better interoperability. According to the ministry, currently the system are already been used in several ministries, agencies and provincial governments. One success implementation of GSB is the utilization of electronic identification number of all Indonesian residents for authentication purposes during state civil exam and phone number registration.

As an Indonesian, I really hope that our bureaucracy system getting better through a better intra-institutional integration. Currently, I feel that most of government institution still work for themselves and lacks cooperation

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