WordPress: How to write a post with wiki-like syntax

I came from a lot of wiki writing experience. I have done writing some article in Wikipedia Indonesia and also writing many kind of technical programming documentation for my software project. To be honest, It is the fastest way to write rich format document than using classic HTML and/or block and click mechanism. We can just emphasize a text with bold by surrounding a text or pharse using double (or sometimes a single) asterisk **like this**

Cuplikan layar 2014-03-27 14:44:42

And yes, we can easily managed to use wikified syntax in every wordpress posts or pages by using this simple plugin, called BlogText. Just install it, and you can write a new post using wikified syntax. Needs some guide? Here I give you a cheatsheet. The syntax is based from Wiki Creole standard.

If it ain’t work, here my suggest :

  • I got a problem that older post prior installing the plugin won’t have any effect. So stick with old-school HTML tag in your older post.
  • Turn off your Visual Editor in WordPress Setting to prevent any confusion (Wiki editing doesn’t need any WYSIWYG editor, it would make a mess).

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