Windows 10 stuck with build 10240 [SOLUTION]

Yes, I would admit this: I have been comfortable using Windows 10 as main OS in my notebook since it was released around August 2015. Nevertheless, I am still using Linux in my laboratorium workstation though.

I would kind to appraise Windows 10 for its incremental regular update (that would promise some new incremental feature somehow). But after around six months using it, I felt like somehow there is nothing much better since its been released: The right-click menu still somewhat inconsistent, the title bar still white as ghost and never had any new feature November Update would promised even though I regularly checked Windows Update.

After I checked via “winver” program (Win+R, “winver”, OK), turns out that my Windows 10 system have been somehow stuck with Build 10240 (the first stable build of Windows 10) and goes nowhere further. Reading this article from Wikipedia made me realize that there have been so many new build that I left behind. Furthermore, Windows Update won’t give any help or anything to upgrade my Windows at least into build 10586.

For those who happens to have same issue, the easiest and hassle-free solution is to Upgrade your Windows 10 using the latest Windows 10 Update Tool. You can grab it directly from


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