Installing Theano with CUDA capability on Windows 10

If you are the one who struggle to install Python Theano (tensor based numerical computation library) with CUDA-based computation capability on modern Microsoft Windows operating system, this very article might helped you. Here is some steps I already tried in my freshly installed Windows 10 x64. The procedure here are based from this poorly written documentation.

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I saw this in Arstechnica…

Cuplikan layar 2014-04-03 21:51:48

I had my original Windows 8 license which came OEMly from my HP notebook. And you know what? It still plain and never updated since 4th semester (when the time I should learn .NET Framework using Visual Studio). This notebook still baking in Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS, My chimney smell Linux. 😀

But I proud that Microsoft still hearing what user demands. It will be great update especially for user who don’t own any touchscreen.

Arstechnica – Future Windows 8.1 update will finally bring back the Start menu