Dwipaksara Project

Dwipaksara Project is my research from high-school time to initiate creating Balinese Script unicode based smartfont using many kind of technology such as SIL Graphite and OpenType. So far, this project has creating some little output :

Bali Polos font, used in BlankOn Linux distribution. Using OpenType technology (It won’t work in Windows).

Dwipaksara Font, https://github.com/dwipasawitra/dwipaksara-font, it uses SIL Graphite technology which designed for near extinct traditional script. It has a naturalised input method system (written via KeyMagic).

Dwipaksara Web IME, https://github.com/dwipasawitra/dwipaksara-webime, web based IME literaly using archaic regex based Javascript.

What make its hard to create Balinese Script font? Here I tell you : Balinese script is complex bidirectional (not just LTR) script. Sometimes a vowel placed behind its consonant, sometimes the conjuncted consonant put bellow of it. It must be clear to make it still represented as normal consonant-vowel structure in memory to make it easy to convert to another language and It must be rendered correctly as its strict rule.

Actually, I want other people to join me to work this process. But as the Balinese Youth forgetting this legacy script, this project won’t find any future. I have no time to deal with this today.