Let’s learn Machine Learning

Yes, for all of you no matter what major you are on, as long as you know basic programming.

I have been learning many infrastructure thing during undergraduate time like operating system, computer network. But otherwise tends to avoid anything that very mathematical like statistics and artificial intelligence. But now, I realize that it is time for me to learn beyond my boundary that beneficial and has many possible outcome and research to do nowadays: Machine Learning. Yes, you heard that word already, it is how Autonomous Car could drive a car automatically without human interaction, it is where the Internet advertisement nowadays are show something that you are looking for, and many major application that make Internet become smart and helpful for human being. We have to realize that for no mater how complex your algorithm and programming technique you had to learn, it won’t make the program smart enough unless you give some sort of data and do some statistical based learning to it. That is where Machine Learning take place, you learn some statistics to utilize some data as bases for predicting and deciding something.

Even if you are kind a allergic with Mathematics, don’t worry, you can apply Machine Learning right away in your problem using many pre-written library and some basic fundamental concept of Machine Learning itself (personally I like to use sklearn library in Python).

So how do you should get started? As for me, I start with this very elaborate lecture from Coursera: Machine Learning with Andrew Ng. But otherwise, this is not a sole way to learn ML and you can do any other approaches such as reading from a book, attending a lecture, attending a confrence, etc.

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