Daily Korean Vocabulary #1

Living in Korea would be a nightmare if you could not make any simple conversation in Korean, at least that’s how I am experiencing here for about four months. From beginning, I am a big no-no to try speak to them in English unless they started it first or it is in academic situation, so that I learn many Korean basically just by myself and take same Language Immersion steps with some local (Not very intense, just when I need something to buy or dealing with stranger 아저씨 that want to make a chat with 외국인).

One problem that still facing me to learn Korea is how different their vocabulary are, even though they are familiar with some English (and to some extent, Konglish) word, it is not as many as borrowed word from Chinese (Sino-Korea, 한자어). So from today, I want to try to make a daily Korean Vocabulary chart based mainly from Sino-Korean word etymology and any other context-specific term. This Daily Korean Vocabulary is basically intended to someone who know at least very basic Korean Writing System (한글) and Korean Grammar so I will not depicted any romanization whatsoever in here (I found that new Korean Romaja System are kinda awkward for English speaker to read, it’s better to learn the system directly from 한글)

For the first #1, I will introduce the usage of Hanja: 상 (想) which have a meaning surrounding idea and thought (In Hanja Dictionary, it is called 생각 상). The word 상 are not used by itself in Korean so you need to use it in word with atleast two syllables.


PS: If you have problem seeing the image above, just click on it to see it.

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