Putu Wiramaswara Widya

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Hello. My name is Putu Wiramaswara Widya. Don’t mind about my long name, just call me Wira (Pronounce it wee-ruh). I am a graduate from Computer Science degree (Teknik Informatika) in Sepuluh Nopember Insitut of Technology, Surabaya, Indonesia (ITS, http://its.ac.id) and Master Degree in Big Data, Pusan National University, Korea (PNU, http://pusan.ac.kr).

I have many experiences about web and network programming using many programming languages, mostly Python, Java and Javascript. I am also interested in many fields surrounding networking technology such as: Cloud Computing, Network Security, Distributed System. I manage some little to medium, sandboxing to serious web/desktop based projects.

I am an introvert. Like to write everything about my life, enjoy chatting (not small talk) with my friend in my field. I have some interest outside my computer thing like Korean languange, psychology, horror and drama movie, train technology, civil engineering, geography, politic and philosophy. I do like to discuss some serious topics about world. If you find yourself interested to discuss something with me, please contact with me via Twitter @wiramaswara.