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Hello my friend. My name is Putu Wiramaswara Widya. Don’t care about my long name, just call me Wira (Pronounce it wee-ruh). Currently, I just graduated from Computer Science degree (Teknik Informatika) in Sepuluh Nopember Insitut of Technology, Surabaya, Indonesia (ITS, http://its.ac.id) and pursuing a master education in Big Data Department, Pusan National University, Republic of Korea (PNU, http://pusan.ac.kr).

I have a lot experience about programming (especially web and network based application) using many programming language such as C++ (I had been created a game with this), C# (And its .NET framework), Java (From basic to Spring Framework), Python (My favourite scripting language), Javascript (Including Node.js) and PHP (Because many web hosting supported it). Me also very interested in many field surrounding networking technology such as: Cloud Computing, Network Security, Distributed System. I manage some little to medium, sandboxing to serious web/desktop based project. You can see my portfolio here. Currently, during my master degree time, I am learning completely different thing surrounding about Statistics, Big Data Management and Machine Learning which I see as a future for computing technology in the Big Data and Internet Era.

I am majority introverted. Like to write everything about my life, enjoy chatting (not small talk) with my friend in my field,. I have some interest outside my computer thing like Korean languange, personal psychology, horror and drama movie, train technology, civil engineering, geography, politic and philosophy. I do like to discuss some serious topics about world. If you find yourself interested to discuss something with me, I do openly to provided some way to connect with myself via Facebook (facebook.com/wiramaswara), Twitter (@wiramaswara, open tweet but don’t expect fast respone) and Email (putu at wirama dot web dot id)

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